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Medikabazaar’s Success story -@BusinessWorld Magazine

Read the full article of Medikabazaar’s Success story -@BusinessWorld Magazine.Medikabazaar’s Ceo (Mr.Vivek Tiwari) gets captured for the Young Entrepreneurs Award by BW in the Magazine & speaks about the journey of Medikaazaar.       BW – YEA Awards – Starting small and making a lasting impact on the society is the mantra […]

Medikabazaar and seven other startups that made a mark in the IBM Smartcamp for Healthtech 2016.

Medikabazaar in IBM Smartcamp

This startup offers the entire range of medical supplies in a marketplace model thus making buying and selling easier and efficient. Traditionally, organisations had to deal with a large number of vendors for procurement, leading to inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Medikabazaar provides a one stop solution, leading to better time and […]